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Woman by MaybeBirdy
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Woman :iconmaybebirdy:MaybeBirdy 0 0
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Bill Cipher x Demon!Reader: Reality Is An Illusion
One quick note: Eve is the girl that summoned the demon!reader, she is not from the series, just a random character I needed for the one-shot. Enjoy~
''Ex profundissimum inferni, de imis profunda Tartara, conjuro te illusiones daemonum!''

Eve shouted out the spell as she held the journal up. Everything went black and white, and time stopped. The journal wrote the number 1 on the golden hand that was printed on it. A dark, deep laughter echoed as a portal opened in the sky, in a triangular shape. The girl watched as the hole in the sky took a more specified form. It was black, with a white mouth on it and completely eyeless. It was wearing a yellow hat, and had yellow arms and legs, with black heels and black gloves.
She watched in awe as the triangle before her smirked wickedly. ''Gravity Falls? Now, if it hasn't been some time..'' A feminine, dominant and elegant voice spoke as the triangular, assumingly female, demon looked around.
''And I take it you summoned me? I am
:iconmirandadarkness:MirandaDarkness 347 134
Mistakes - Tyki Mikk x Reader
His first mistake was meeting you…
"Ugh, I’m never going to make it out of here alive, now am I?" You groaned out in exasperation, distraughtly scrutinizing the local area but not recognizing any potential landmarks. "Fuuuuuck meeeeee." Every establishment looked dangerously similar to you and there was no train station in sight while the townspeople were absolutely unhelpful to you.
The Japanese style town you were currently located in was absolutely breathtaking - it was a pleasant surprise how authentic the homely village was with its cobblestone paths, Japanese maple trees, and delicately embellished houses. Seemed like even if the actual country of Japan was perilously overrun with murderous akuma and domestic strife, at least a slice of its culture could still be found outside of its borders. If you weren’t so desperate to leave, then you probably would’ve appreciated the sightseeing opportunities.
"Um, excuse me?" You asked, poki
:iconninasmall:NinaSmall 59 13
The Smell of Old Books (Sans/Reader) - ch. 19
(trigger warnings for hangovers and extreme anxiety)
Indescribable pain.
Oh god, your head hurt so bad. It felt like a million elephants had just gone on a rampage inside your brain. The minute you opened up your eyes, you already began to regret it.
You sat there for a moment, not wanting to move in fear of making it worse. You knew you'd have to get up eventually, but maybe not right now...
You tried prying your eyes open again and felt confusion. Where were you? What had happened?
Last thing you could remember was that-
Oh yeah.
You were a grade A idiot, definitely. Sans probably hated you by now.
Although you'd love to trash talk yourself for longer, you had a stupid migraine that was the bigger issue at hand. You hadn't gotten a headache like this in years. You definitely hadn't missed them though.
You got up to move off the couch. An overwhelming feeling of nausea came up and you had to throw a hand over your mouth to prevent throwi
:iconribbonedskies:ribbonedskies 55 16
Jack Frost Cosplay - Rise Of The Guardians by DakunCosplay Jack Frost Cosplay - Rise Of The Guardians :icondakuncosplay:DakunCosplay 473 77
Human! Bill Cipher x Reader: Fear
You trembled slightly as you took another step out into the darkness of the forest.
"Hello?" You called out once more, clutching Journal number one and a half (#1 1/2) close to your chest. Something had lured you out here; you weren't sure what but you could feel its presence.
Soon, you began to lose your patience. "Hello?!"
It was only after a loud crash was heard to your left that you realized you probably shouldn't have been shouting out in the woods at night.
You whipped around only to see nothing but the forms of the trees that suddenly looked so much more menacing than they had earlier. You laughed nervously, wishing you had put a chain on your adventurous spirit and hadn't so foolishly followed an unknown being deep into the forest.
You needed to get back. You turned, mind set on going home, or stopping by The Mystery Shack to see if those twins were there.
You stopped when you saw only trees and grass around you, some half dead and blackened or stretching towards you with thin
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 225 27
Bill Cipher x Reader: Deal
"Hey, Cricket Bat! Wanna make a deal?"
You couldn't escape him. No matter what you tried, no matter where you went, no matter how you begged.
If you stayed at home, he appeared in your shadow and taunted you in every room. The kitchen, your bedroom, the shower. If you made sure to never be alone all day and hung out with your friends, he visited you in your dreams.
It had gotten to the point where you began to skip sleeping for days at a time, in a futile attempt to escape the nightmares and laughs that followed you and bounced around your skull. Dipper and Mabel even confronted you on your state, the bags under your eyes prominent no matter how you tried to cover it up with false smiles and reassuring winks. You couldn't get them into your situation. You wouldn't allow for them to get into your situation. You would simply have to find a way on your own to get rid of the terrifying dream demon.
And those words.
It was always those exact words, every day, almost every hour, every time y
:iconunknowngirl11:unknowngirl11 185 18
Gravity Falls: BillDip~ Never Lose You
    Everything was a blur, Dipper still fast asleep in his bed after a long and interesting day with the very person who he least expected; Bill Cipher. He remember that Bill popped by his house and asked him for something but he really couldn't remember much, then soon he started to hear Bill voice call to him saying to him; 'Pine's you' his words begin to swim through Dippers mind as he get's closer to figuring out what ha
:icongrellgirl16:grellgirl16 138 25
Handcuffs and Secrets [BillDip Oneshot]
[A/N: I feel like the ending sucks but whatever. Hope it's okay!]
“Bill!” I exclaimed frustratedly. “What do you mean you can’t get them off?”
He rolled his eyes. “It means exactly what I just said.”
“Can’t you use some sort of, I don’t know, spell or, magic or something?”
“If I could, don’t you think I would’ve done it already?” He asked sarcastically.
You see, my sister Mabel thought it would be funny to secretly handcuff me and Bill together using magical handcuffs she found somewhere. When I asked her about unlocking it, she gave me a sheepish look and said she didn’t know where the keys were, and made up an excuse to quickly run off and leave us cuffed together when she seen the look on my face. Since then, I’ve been asking Bill to try and unlock it without any luck.
“You’re the most powerful and magical demon in the universe and you can’t unlock a simple s
:iconskaiadreamer:SkaiaDreamer 52 15
Mature content
The Burning |Chapter One| :iconchainstheprophet:ChainsTheProphet 51 10
Mature content
Mad World |Prologue| :iconchainstheprophet:ChainsTheProphet 53 13
Grell x Reader - Let's Dye This Red
(A/N: In this fanfic, reader-chan is a grim reaper like Grell. ^w^)
I sigh as I once again have to clean the lenses of my purple rimmed glasses. For some reason they always seem to get filthy, even when I’m doing absolutely nothing.
Once I was satisfied with their appearance, my green eyes scan the premises, looking to see if anyone is nearby.
Today I’m going on my deadliest and most dangerous mission.
I’m sneaking into the Head Grim Reaper’s office.
Nobody goes in there except him, and those who do gain the guts to enter, never come out.
But those sorry blokes were obviously not that bright, for they didn’t seem to think through what they were doing that well. For example, they enter when he is still in there, or when he just leaves, or is reading something.
I had waited until he went out; there’s this poor little shop keeper at the end of town whose time had come; and now I’m outside his door.
The plan is to quickly enter his ro
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 40 15
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 8
You were blissfully suspended in that magical state between wakefulness and sleep. Wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and comfort. It was peaceful where you were at the moment…wherever that was. Once again you kept your eyes closed; afraid that in opening them your new found paradise would come crashing down into an even harsher reality. You really didn't want to wake up in the breakdown that had seemed to become your life as of late. Right now not a single thing hurt and you reveled in being able to breathe deeply without any struggle or injury. Your skin didn't send out any shots of stabbing pain nor did you taste any ocean water on your tongue. You were warm, dry, and most glorious of all free from all pain; physical and otherwise. You wanted to surrender yourself to this marvelous floating tranquility.  
And so you were content to lie there perfectly still and placid. But the longer you lied there the more awake your brain became. Unwanted thoughts swirled inside your head in
:iconqueentakesjack22:queentakesjack22 86 32
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 1
It was late and after a long day you crawled into your bed. Your head was already swimming with the thoughts of all that you had to do tomorrow. Ever since you turned eighteen it seemed your once peaceful world had been turned upside-down and filled with nothing but one headache after another. You had been so busy lately with tiresome tasks and newfound responsibilities. Sometimes it felt like you were drowning in a sea of drama and stress. You always tried your best to keep your head above water and keep soldiering on, but it always seemed as if there was always something new only too eager to try and drag you down. Exhausted both mentally and physically you turned your head to glance at your alarm clock. The time was exactly at 11:11pm. Remembering the superstition that this was the time to make wishes on you indulged in a little folly and closed your eyes. You thought for a second on what to wish for…love…money…world peace? No, none of those things seemed appealing at
:iconqueentakesjack22:queentakesjack22 515 73
Jack Frost x Reader ~ Work Hard, Play Hard
(Here you are 18!)
You loved to go to parties with your friends, dance and have great fun, but you weren't that type that only play hard, you were working hard too. Always studying, working in home or just working in cafe you worked at. It was middle of summer but somehow you weren't really happy. Summer meant that Jack Frost won't be here. You sighed as you hand over another coffie to a client. Finally your boss let you take a break and you decided to go to home. It was like a hottest day ever, so you dressed up for a day like this. Your friends came over and from a little meet-up grew a huge party. You were dancing in the garden, as your (y/h/l) (y/h/c) hair were soaking wet. Yeah, few seconds earlier your friend spilled a bottle of water on you. It was still hot, you didn't mind at all. Suddenly something cold hit your head, almost making your hat fall of your head with your glasses. Wait, cold? During summer? You blinked and turned around, to see white haired boy, holding a snow ba
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 12 1
Jack Frost x Reader ~ Pina Colada Boy
It was B-day and you decided to make a huge party. You invited all your friends, including Jamie, a little 11 year old boy. He asked you if he can bring his friends too, naturally you agreed. He brought kids in his age but was talking to someone else... you couldn't see who. Suddenly temperature went lower a little, but it didn't ruin your party. 'Jack Frost must be here!' You laughed in your mind. Yes, you still believed in Jack Frost, Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, even in Sandman. Of course no one knew you were a believer, but still.
Your best friend grabbed your hand and jumped on a table. Laughing hard, you followed and soon you two were dancing to song "Pina Colada Boy". I have to say, you knew how to dance and move your hips to make all boys stare and daydream with their mouths open. Especially when you were dressed like this. You weren't a slut, oh no! You laughed when your friend almost fell of the table and you grabbed her hand.
"Don't slip on the ice!" Someone shouted,
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 11 0


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This is a self portrait that was done for an assignment. We were to choose an emotion and take a picture that expressed that feeling. We then had to


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